Deborah Mutund
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Background & Passion

Deborah Mutund  is a Congolese Entrepreneur, public relations consultant and curvy model. She got her education from various African countries such as Congo, Ivory Coast and South Africa where she graduated with distinctions in Public Relations and Communication Management. In 2014 she founded Josepha Cosmetics with her sister in order to offer world class beauty services and products. Her ultimate goal is to make a contribution by inspiring the change about the African narrative, the future of our continent is in our hands and she strongly believes that entrepreneurs can impact our economy. She is a body activist and hopes to influence the standards of beauty by encouraging self love, self confidence and by having a positive attitude. With her sisters, they are working and developing cosmetic products that will be “proudly made in congo” that will be able to compete with the top global brands. She’s also launching a clothing line in the near future.