Women represent 50% of Congo but less than 10% of the DRC government.

We want to help bridge the gender gap in DRC at all the levels and to do this we will focus on three key topics which we believe will be key for women to participate actively in the economic development of the country

Coaching & Education

we will offer scholarships for women to study abroad and get access to specific training programs. The partners of Reform will coach individually the women selected in the programs.

Innovation & Financial Empowerment 

we will fund women led companies who are striving to bring key technologies and solutions to day-to-day challenges faced by women.



DRC is still a very inefficient place to do business and there is an array of opportunities for the country to leapfrog to new technologies if local knowledge is created.


Supporting Women Stuck with Unpaid Hospital Bills

Many women in DRC give birth but are stuck for weeks and even months because they or their family cannot settle their bills. This is often a traumatic experience. Gisela with her sister is trying to support. Check out the video on the link.